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Swimming Pool Filtration Plants and Systems

KORGEN designs, supplies and erects swimming pool water filtration plants and systems of various sizes for heavy duty service cycle to commercial swimming pools, residential pools, club house pools and pre-fabricated standard pool modules in Chennai and select cities in Tamil Nadu.

The size of the swimming pool filtration plant depends on the total pool volume, extent of usage, flowrates and the desired recirculation frequency. All the equipment and accessories used in our Swimming Pool Filtration Plants are sourced from reputed national and global manufacturers that are quality-tested under stringent conditions. The entire treatment process of filtration, disinfection and recirculation of the swimming pool water can be completely automated.

Our technical team will analyse the pool dimensions, total volume of water required for the pool and other site conditions before recommending the type and size of the Swimming Pool Filtration System. Starting from site analysis, KORGEN will guide you at every stage to choose the right swimming pool filtration plant.

Post-installation, we also offer various types of after-sales service packages at very competitive rates to make sure that the Swimming Pool Filtration Plants deliver optimal performance


KORGEN supplies only the water filtration-related equipment and does not deal with the construction of the swimming pool and other related accessories required for the pool.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment and Recirculation

Maintaining the sanitation of swimming pool water is a key challenge since many skin diseases and even serious infections can be contracted while using a swimming pool. Therefore, water in the swimming pool needs to be properly sanitized and filtered at regular intervals in order to provide a safe swimming environment for the users.

The water filled in the swimming pool is continuously drawn through multiple suction points at various locations in the pool. This water is then passed through the filtration plant and returned to the pool at periodic intervals. The treatment process includes the filtration of suspended particles, debris, removal of colour-odour, maintenance of pH levels and elimination of microbial contamination through dosing of appropriate disinfection chemicals or ozonation. Apart from the suction points, water is also collected from the channels formed along the perimeter of the swimming pool. The water overflowing into these channels is supposed to product a constant skimming effect to carry away the floating mucous and other material.

Typical contaminants found in swimming pools are sweat, mucous, saliva, skin flaks, hair ointments and urine. Besides, environmental contaminants such as dust, algae, bacteria, virus and other microorganisms are also found in swimming pools.

Product Features and Technical Information of Swimming Pool Filtration Plants

Unless warranted under special conditions, Swimming Pool Water Filtration Plants and Systems generally comprise the following major equipment

  • iMultimedia Filter
  • iiActivated Carbon Filter
  • iiiDosing Pump
  • ivOzonators
  • vSkimmers
  • viVacuum Cleaners

Advantages of KORGEN Swimming Pool Water Filtration Plants

  • Designed based on established formula and time-tested norms that maximize filtration efficiency
  • Precision dosing pumps for accurate dosing of disinfection chemicals and pH control
  • Delivers consistent performance at optimal efficiency over the long term
  • High quality internals and components ensure long life and durability
  • Lesser power consumption, user-friendly operations and low maintenance
  • Additional accessories to facilitate easier operations and monitor various performance parameters. Eg. Digital Flow Meters, Totalizers, Pressure Gauges, Control Panels, Portable Test Kits etc.
  • Prompt and efficient after-sales service network




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