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Water generally contains a variety of dissolved mineral salts. The most common minerals found in water are sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorides, bicarbonates and sulphates. While these minerals are essentially good for human health if they are within certain limits as prescribed by regulatory bodies, excessive content of such minerals in water can cause various types of inconveniences when used for utility purposes and chronic health issues if consumed regularly.

Out of these minerals, calcium and magnesium are called hard salts and water with higher concentration of these hard salts is termed as Hard Water. Surface water (Eg., River, ponds, lakes) usually contains less hard salts and ground water, especially deep bore well water, tends to have more of these salts. Over 75% of the ground water in India is considered hard due to excessive content of hard salts.

Hard water is generally not suitable for drinking and utility purposes. Regular usage of hard water for general purpose and consumption may lead to various types of practical difficulties and health hazards in the long term. Learn more about the hazards of hard water.

Amongst many other benefits, soft water produces more lather, uses less soaps-detergents, prevents scaling in pipes and plumbing accessories, stains in kitchen utensils, avoids hair fall, increases the life of water-using home appliances and also reduces water usage for household chores.

Apart from hardness, water, depending on the source, may also contain micro dirt particles, suspended solids and turbidity. These physical contaminants need to be removed using efficient water filters in order to safely use the water even for general purposes.

Korgen is one of the leading dealers of home water filters and softeners of reputed brands and sells a wide range of domestic water softeners, fully automatic water softeners, scale prevention systems and whole house water filters in Chennai and select cities in Tamil Nadu. Apart from these standard products, Korgen also designs, manufacturers, supplies and services large custom-built water softening plants and water treatment plants for commercial and industrial uses.

3M Whole House Filters and Automatic Water Softeners

3M sells a wide range of advanced whole house filters, scale prevention systems, chlorine removal systems and automatic water softeners in India.

3M Whole House Filtration Systems remove minute physical impurities like dirt, mud, sand, rust, sediments and other particulate matters sized above 5 microns from the water right at the point-of-entry.

By removing these physical contaminants, 3M Whole House Filtration Systems prevent clogging, sedimentation and discolouration of pipes, taps, fixtures, tiles, bathroom fittings, water-using home appliances and ensure clean water throughout the household. Being a mechanical device, 3M Whole House Water Filters do not use electricity for the filtration process. Due to its innovatively superior grooved depth filtration medium and high-quality construct, 3M Water Filters do not choke easily, deliver consistent water quality without reduction in flowrates and have a relatively long life.

3M Scale Prevention Systems protect people from the adverse effects of hard water. A one-of-a-kind 2-in-1 device, it uses a unique sequestering technology in which the food-grade media inside the device dissolve in water and encapsulate the Calcium and Magnesium ions thus making them inert instantly. The silicates also coat pipes and fixtures to prevent internal scaling and corrosion. The best part is that this device does not require electricity to operate and there is no water wastage in this process.

3M Chlorine Removal Systems, a versatile product, performs a 3-in-1 action namely filtration, scale prevention and chlorine removal by seamlessly combining three key processes. ie., Filtration, Sequestering and Adsorption. This product does not require electricity and there is again no water wastage in this process.

3M Automatic Water Softener comes with state-of-the-art automatic regeneration and rinsing functions. Sleek looking 3M Water Softeners effectively convert hard water into soft water without manual interventions in the operations and require only minimal maintenance.

3M Water Softeners prevent scaling on the pipes, taps, faucets and fixtures in bathrooms, kitchens and all other water-using home appliances such as geysers, washing machines and dishwashers. Soft water coming from the device also prevents damage to your hair and skin.

3M Water Softeners use the time-tested ion exchange technology and are available in two series namely SFT and WTS. 3M Softeners come with programmable multiport valves where regeneration frequency can be set based on OBR calculations and thereafter the regeneration will happen automatically. The system can perform multiple regenerations till the brine solution in the regeneration tank is exhausted.

A multinational corporation with over 115 years of illustrious history, 3M is also a Fortune 500 company known for their scientific prowess and technical innovations. With a portfolio of more than 60,000 products, 600+ patents, corporate operations in 70 countries and sales in 200 countries, 3M is one of the most respected and trusted brands across the globe.

Korgen is the authorized dealer for 3M water purifiers, whole house filters, scale prevention systems and water softeners in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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Kent Water Softeners for Homes and Offices

Kent offers compact and aesthetically appealing fully automatic water softeners for various applications at homes and offices. Kent sells the following types of home water softeners.

i. Kent Autosoft - Floor standing fully automatic whole house water softener
ii. Kent Washing Machine Water Softener - Wall-mounted device tailor made for Washing Machines
iii. Kent Bathroom Water Softener - Compact wall mounted POU device to be installed before inlet
line of geysers, showers and taps

Kent Water Softeners use the time-tested and proven ion exchange technology to convert hard water into soft water. The compact design of Kent domestic water softeners makes the installation easier and the product occupies relatively little space. Kent offers the best hard water softeners at an affordable price range.

Kent, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is today synonymous with water purifiers and is one of the leading water purification company in India. Kent products have received top quality certifications and several national and global awards that make Kent one of the most reliable brands.

Korgen is the authorized dealers for Kent RO water purifiers and automatic water softeners for homes in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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