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Solar Power Plants | Solar Panels

Korgen is one of the leading suppliers of a wide range of Solar Power Plants, Solar Rooftop Panels, Solar Inverters in Chennai and select cities in Tamil Nadu. As dealers for reputed solar companies, while we supply, install and service their standard modules of residential rooftop solar power systems for homes and apartments, we also coordinate with solar plant manufacturers to design and supply custom-built commercial and industrial solar systems of larger sizes.

Though solar plants are commonly installed on rooftops, the panels can also be integrated into a building’s exterior / façade or can be mounted on the ground, poles and racks depending on the site conditions. Ideally, an unobstructed southern exposure is critical for the system to achieve its full power generating potential.

Our expert team evaluates all the relevant parameters such as your total power consumption, expected increase in the future power requirements, weather conditions, power outage patterns in your location, rooftop orientation and other site conditions before recommending the most appropriate solar power solution that maximizes power production for your site conditions.

Starting from a free site evaluation without any obligations to the selection of the right solar power system, Korgen will closely guide you, at every stage, to choose the solar power plant that exactly matches your requirements and budgets.

Korgen sells and installs solar products, manufactured by reputed companies, that adhere to stringent quality norms and tested to international standards in every aspect.

For larger solar power plants used in commercial and industrial segments, we offer annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) and operation and maintenance contracts (O&Ms) at very reasonable rates to keep the plant performance at optimal levels and also comply with regulatory norms.

Book an Enquiry now and we will ensure it is smooth sailing all the way.

Our Services Include The Following

i. Free Site Evaluation and Need Analysis (without any obligations)
ii. Solar System Design and BOM Finalization
iii. BOS (Balance of Solar System) Recommendation and Selection
iv. Installation and Commissioning of Solar Plants by Certified Engineers
v. After-sales services - O&M Contracts and AMCs
vi. Maintenance activities and Supply of spares
vii. Annual Performance Inspections

Types of Solar Power Systems

Solar Power Systems basically come in three forms as detailed hereunder.

Grid-tied or On-Grid Solar Power System

This type of solar systems, that work in conjunction with your main electric supply, consist of rooftop solar panels and grid-tied inverters that is synchronized with the grid all the time matching the grid voltage, frequency and phase sequence. Whenever the electricity generated by the solar system is more than the captive demand, the excess power is fed back to the utility grid. In case the power produced by the solar system is lesser than the required output, the deficit power is automatically drawn from the grid. A net meter is used to keep track of power consumed and power sent to the grid. Storage batteries are not used for these Solar Power systems.

Pictorial Illustration
Off-Grid Solar Power System

Solar off-grid is a sort of stand-alone power system that is not connected to the electricity grid and uses batteries for power back-up. These solar systems store the electricity produced by the solar panels in a series of batteries for use when the grid power goes down. Off-Grid Solar Power Systems are widely used in locations where the electricity supply is not available or erratic with frequent power cuts. These systems were expensive than the on-grid devices due to the cost of storage batteries but the battery costs are dropping rapidly and becoming more economical these days.

Pictorial Illustration
Hybrid Solar Power System

Hybrid Solar Power Systems combine the best from on-grid and off-grid solar systems. These Solar Power Systems not only generate power in the same way as a common grid-tied solar system but also simultaneously use special inverters and batteries to store energy for future use. This enables hybrid solar systems to operate as a backup power supply during nights and blackouts.

These solar power systems can be configured for homes, commercial establishments, industries, outdoor lighting for streets and open public places based on their specific requirements.

Key Components in a Solar Power System
i. Solar PV Panels
ii. Array Mounting Structures
iii. Solar Inverter
iv. Storage Batteries (optional)
v. Charge Controllers
vi. Lightening Arrestors
vii. Specialized Transmission Cables
viii. Electrical accessories and peripherals

Advantages of using Solar Power Plants and Systems

  • Sustainable and consistent source of renewable green power
  • No harmful by-products or emissions occur when electricity is produced by solar panels
  • Power availability even during grid outages
  • Solar PV is a time-tested and proven technology
  • No recurring expenditure in terms of fuel costs
  • Substantially reduces your electricity bills. With bigger plants, it is zero.
  • Safe, Clean (no fumes) and silent operations with no moving parts
  • Modular and scalable structures that need minimal maintenance
  • No space costs. Only uses your idle rooftop or your building façade
  • Can be installed at the point-of-use to prevent transmission losses
  • Significantly long design life (25 years) and can withstand adverse weather conditions
  • For businesses, they also get the depreciation benefits

Opportunity to contribute to Environmental Conservation

Above all, by using solar power you will be contributing to environmental conservation by vastly reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

Solar Plant Installation - Checklist

Proper installation of solar power plants and systems plays a key role in the performance efficiency of the plant. No two installations are the same and therefore the installation process requires meticulous planning and close supervision by trained personnel to maximize electricity generation. The general installation checklist is here below.

Shading - Performance of Solar PV Panels is affected by the shading effect of surrounding trees, buildings, passing clouds and basically anything that casts a shadow on to the panels. Therefore, care must be exercised to make sure that these shading factors are neutralized to the maximum extent possible by choosing the right location and installing the panels in the right direction. Shadow on the solar panels can lead to generation losses and formation of hotspots.

Direction - Solar panels need to face true south direction for optimum harnessing of sunlight. This is because when the sun moves from east to west, maximum exposure is always southwards. Regardless of which part of the year it is, sun’s inclination is always towards the south.

Tilt - The angle at which the solar panels are fixed depends on the location’s latitude. Generally, the angle of tilt will lie between 8 to 12 degrees in southern part of India and 25 to 33 in North India. This angle will decrease as the altitude of installation increases to nullify the impact of high-speed winds on the installation.

Mounting Structure - Quality of material and workmanship play a critical role in the installation of solar plants and systems. A mounting structure is a key component of a rooftop solar power system and should be ideally designed or approved by a structural engineer. The weight of the Solar PV Panels and the mounting structure need to be arrived at based on the wind loads at the location and in accordance with the wind-speed zone. Readymade modular mounting structures pre-certified for certain wind speeds are readily available in the market. For larger specifications, proper procedures need to be followed while designing and fabricating mounting structures. These mounting structures need to be grouted using anchor bolts or concrete foundation to ensure durability in rough weather conditions.

Inverters and Batteries - Inverters and batteries must be installed as close to the solar panels as possible using specialized cables to minimize transmission losses.

Solar Panels - It must be ensured that the maximum permissible voltage is not exceeded when connecting the panels in series. There must be a minimum gap of 5 mm between the solar panels to allow for any expansion in the materials. The solar panels being interconnected must be of the same type (monocrystalline or polycrystalline) and same power class.

Site Conditions - It is important to assess the site conditions like structural strength of the roof, age of the building and other key factors before installing the solar system.

Safety - Proper earthing and hygiene should be maintained and all wiring needs to be concealed.

How Solar Energy Works?

Is it not surprising to learn that the Sun produces enough energy each second to sustain our electricity needs for 5 lakh years? Using this continuous emission of energy by Sun in the form of light and heat is the key to a clean energy future.

Added to this is the fact that India is endowed with vast solar energy potential. It is estimated that about 5,000 trillion kWh per year energy is incident over India’s land area with most parts receiving 3-5 kWh per sq.m per day. Based upon the availability of land and solar radiation, the potential of solar power in our country has been assessed to be 750 GWp.

Solar electricity is produced when the photons from the sun rays hit the electrons in the Solar Panels comprising multiple PV (Photovoltaic) cells. The DC (Direct Current) Power that is thus generated by the panels is fed into the inverter where it is converted into AC (Alternating Current) Power which is in turn used to service the captive demand.

Luminous Solar Products and Power Solutions

Luminous Power Technologies , a subsidiary of Schneider Electric - a reputed global major in energy management and automation, offers a vast range of high-quality solar power products for residential, commercial and industrial segments.

Luminous Solar Portfolio came into being after a lot of research and has been meticulously designed to make sure that their solar products are completely safe, environment-friendly and long lasting. Their current range of products includes Solar Home Inverters, Solar Power Conditioning Units (PCU), Solar Grid Tie Inverters, Solar Batteries, Mono Crystalline and Poly Crystalline Solar Panels, MPPT & PWM Charge Controllers and Solar Upgrade Kits.

With over 3 decades of experience as a leading power solutions specialist, 7 manufacturing units in India, 6000 employees and operations in over 36 countries, Luminous is today a credible and trustworthy brand in the Solar Space.

Korgen is the authorized channel partner and dealers for the entire range of Luminous Solar Power Solutions and Products in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.




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