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Activated Carbon Filters and Filtration Plants

KORGEN manufactures and supplies high quality activated carbon filters of various sizes for residential, commercial and industrial segments in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and select cities across South India.

While we have a wide range of pre-engineered and standard Carbon Filters, we also design, manufacture and supply high-volume Filtration Plants custom-built for specific requirements.

Our technical experts analyse the water characteristics such as the level of residual chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the feed water, other related parameters, evaluates the site conditions and specific customer requirements before deciding on the specifications of the filtration plant. Even our standard modules of Water Filters are selected / recommended based on key parameters of the feed water.

The efficacy and durability of a Carbon Filter are based on key engineering factors such as design basis, Unit Volume, Material of Construction, iodine value and quality of the carbon granules besides complying with the prescribed usage and maintenance procedures.

Starting from water analysis to the selection of the right Carbon Filter that meets your requirements, KORGEN will closely guide you, at every stage, to take informed buying decisions.

After erecting and commissioning the filtration plants, we also offer various types of after-sales service packages at very competitive rates to make sure that the Water Filtration Plants deliver optimal performance and our customers get the maximum value out of their investment.

KORGEN Activated Carbon Filters are manufactured / sourced under stringent quality control norms and tested to international quality standards in every aspect.

Types of KORGEN Activated Carbon Filters

  • Compact Activated Carbon Filters for homes and individual houses
  • Customized high-volume Activated Carbon Filters for apartments and commercial establishments
  • Activated Carbon Filters specially designed for Industrial Applications

Our range of Activated Carbon Filters and Filtration Plants starts from a compact 750 LPH (Litres Per Hour) model and goes up to 1000m3 LPD (Litres per day) plant.

Based on customer requirements, we supply manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic Activated Carbon Filters and Filtration Plants made up of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) / Composite Vessels, Mild Steel with corrosion-proof Rubber Lining inside, epoxy-coating outside (MSRLEC) and high-grade Stainless Steel (SS).

Advanced and proven internal strainers used in KORGEN Activated Carbon Filters ensure even distribution of the feed water into the media bed and proper collection of treated water thereafter.

Automation of these Activated Carbon Filters and Filtration Systems is achieved using semi and fully automatic multiport valves along with control panels that house process logic controllers. Multiport valves make the water filtration process highly user-friendly due to its single-point operations, controls and seal capability of the valves prevents internal port leaks. In case of higher flowrates, manual valves are used with complete support piping for smooth operations.

Advantages of KORGEN Activated Carbon Filters and Filtration Plants

  • Designed based on established formula and time-tested norms that maximize filtration area
  • High IV and quality carbon gradules ensure optimum removal of impurities
  • Customized Units based on the water characteristics and site conditions
  • Effectively removes suspended solids, turbidity and other physical impurities
  • Minimal pressure-drop across the Carbon bed
  • Delivers consistent performance at optimal efficiency over the long term
  • High quality internals and components ensure long life and durability
  • Lesser power consumption and user-friendly maintenance processes
  • Comes with 1 year all-inclusive warranty and special extended 5-years vessel warranty*
  • Additional accessories to facilitate easier operations and monitor various performance parameters. Eg. Digital Flow Meters, Totalizers, Pressure Gauges, Control Panels, Portable Test Kits etc.
  • Wide range of models (Manual, Semi-automatic, Fully Automatic) that are competitively priced
  • Prompt and efficient after-sales service network
  • * For select standard products. Conditions apply.
Know more about Activated Carbon Filters and Filtration Plants

Technology and Process Description

Technology and Process Description

High-quality activated carbon granules in the Carbon Filters use Adsorption Technology to remove excessive residual chlorine, colour, odour and select organic compounds (VOCs) from the feed water and thus preventing formation of trihalomethanes, a known carcinogen. Specially treated activated carbon granules with, better rate of adsorption, are used to even remove heavy metals such as lead from water.

When the feed water is passed through the carbon bed, the contaminants present in the water are adsorbed on to the surface of the carbon granules. The IV value of carbon is chosen based on specific applications.

The filter design also facilitates easy backwash and rinsing that result in longer life for the carbon granules. The backwash and rinse operations need to be performed at prescribed intervals as laid down by our technical team for effective removal of the adsorbed impurities.

The water that comes out of the Activated Carbon Filter will be clear and fresh.

Correct iodine value and quantum of the carbon granules help in ensuring even distribution of the adsorption load. It also facilitates easy maintenance of the Filtration Plant resulting in longer life of the media.

Factors that determine the efficiency of Activated Carbon
i. Surface Area, Pore Size and Distribution
ii. Chemical makeup of the carbon source (amount of hydrogen and oxygen)
iii. Concentration of the contaminants to be removed
iv. Water pH and Temperature
V. Contact time between the water and activated carbon (Empty Bed Contact Time)

Making of Activated Carbon Granules

Making of Activated Carbon Granules

The organic sources for activated carbon are coconut shells and coal. Carbon forms when these organic sources are burned in an environment without oxygen. Now this carbon needs to be activated before being used in water treatment. This activation process is essential since it increases the number of pores on the carbon surface which in turn improves the adsorption capacity of the carbon. The major types of activation methods are steam activation and chemical activation.

Steam Activation: This type of activation is accomplished using steam at temperatures between 800oC and 1000oC. At this temperature, an instant water-gas reaction happens that gasifies the carbonized material. Air is now introduced to burn out these gases, without burning the carbon. Carbon activated using this steam process will have a fine pore structure ideal for adsorbing both liquid phase and vapor phase compounds.

Chemical Activation: In chemical activation process, the carbon is filled with a powerful dehydrating agent in semi solid form. This paste is heated to temperatures between 500oC and 800oC to activate the carbon. Chemically activated carbon generally comes with a very open pore structure making it more suitable for adsorbing large molecules.

Maintenance of Carbon Filters

Maintenance of Activated Carbon Filters

Backwash: The accumulated physical and other impurities need to be removed from the media on a periodical basis to ensure that the Filters always deliver optimal performance. The impurities trapped in the media are removed by backwash process in which the direction of the water flow is reversed. In this backwash process, the reversed water flow agitates and loosens the media bed and all the impurities are flushed out through the backwash outlet-valve. Since the water that is used for backwashing will be having high concentration of physical impurities, the same can be again treated and reused to avoid environmental issues.

Rinse: Once the backwash operation is completed, rinsing should be done to reset the media and make it ready for the next filtration cycle.

These maintenance operations need to be performed at prescribed intervals for optimal performance and longer life of the filtration plants.

Product Features and Technical Information

Product Features and Technical Information of Activated Carbon Filters

Unless warranted under special conditions, Activated Carbon Filters and Filtration Plants generally comprise the following major parts

  • iVessel
  • iiValve
  • iiiCarbon Bed

The basic design and dimensions of the Activated Carbon Filters are formula-driven and should be primarily based on the following factors.

  • Residual Chlorine, Odour and VOCs in the Feed Water
  • Other related feed water characteristics
  • Hourly Flow Rate (LPH) required
  • Volume of water to be filtered per day
  • Site Conditions and end use applications

General Applications

General Applications of Activated Carbon Filters and Filtration Plants

  • Used to reduce residual chlorine in muncipal and corporation supplied water
  • De-chlorination of water for industrial and process applications
  • Removal of organic compounds and contaminants from the water
  • Removal of objectionable colours and odour from water
  • Used as a pre-treatment to Softeners, RO Plants and DM Units
  • Used for recirculation of swimming pool water
  • Used as tertiary treatment units for Sewage Treatment and Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Used extensively in metal extraction processes

Output water from these filtration plants can be used for consumption only if the TDS, Hardness and other related parameters are within the prescribed limits. Or else, further treatment may be warranted to make this water potable.




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