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Free Demo | Presentation

You can book a Free Demo for any of our products and our professionally trained executives will give you a detailed presentation either online or in-person, based on the products and your preference. While you have both the options for our off-the-shelf standard products, in-person presentations are necessary for custom-built solutions and projects.

Detailed demos and presentations are time-tested methods to gain authentic information and understand the finer aspects of the products quickly. It is all the more important if your requirement is a high value product or customized solution.

At Korgen, we have made it simple to book demos online - for multiple products - through easy-to-use and intuitive web interfaces. If you opt for an online presentation, our team will connect with you on Skype or Google Hangout or other similar platforms. In case of an in-person presentation, our executives from the concerned divisions will meet you at a time and place of your convenience. Presentations can be carried out even at very short notice based on your location

What’s more! There are absolutely no obligations attached. Whether you choose to buy from us or not is entirely left to your discretion. No questions asked.

So simply go ahead! Book a free demo for the products of your choice, right away.

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Laboratory Services, at your doorstep

Before you invest in a water purification or treatment plant!

The first and foremost step is to understand the basic characteristics of the water your use. It could be your ground water or government-supplied water or any other source. Each source comes with different kinds of contaminants and therefore demands different types of purification and treatment methodologies. A thorough analysis of your water will give a clear understanding as to what type of purification or treatment scheme will be most appropriate for the water you use.

The presence of new-age contaminants is not always obvious and usage of such contaminated water for longer periods of time may result in chronic and sometimes irreversible health issues. With respect to commercial establishments and industries, impure water can potentially hamper processes and increase their operational and maintenance costs.

At Korgen, we have partnered with accredited laboratories that adhere to global testing standards and are equipped with advanced analytical instruments to offer a full range of testing services for various segments. The types of water sources for which analysis on physical, chemical and biological parameters are undertaken in accordance with the norms prescribed by regulatory authorities include the following:

  • Ground Water ( Open / Bore Well)
  • Packaged Drinking Water
  • Water used for construction
  • Post-treatment Water
  • Cooling Systems Water
  • Government-supplied Water
  • Swimming Pool Water
  • Process Water
  • Sewage and Kitchen effluent
  • Industrial Effluents

Free In-house Analysis and Standard Lab Analysis Packages

While we can do a free in-house test on select parameters, we also offer a host of standard and customized water analysis packages through our partner laboratories at reasonable costs. Choose an analysis package and our executives will collect the water sample/s right from your doorstep.

Report Interpretation and Recommendations

If you have already done a lab analysis of your water, you can use our online tool that is designed to broadly interpret the analysis report and recommend solutions that are appropriate for your water. In addition, our in-house team will also counter-check such interpretations and render personalized advice.

Soil and Air Testing

Our partner labs also have the capability and equipment to conduct sub-surface soil tests and indoor air quality analysis. We test air for environmental, microbiology and industrial hygiene analyses depending on the specific needs of our customers.

Home Our Services Site Evaluation & Product Recommendation

Need Analysis and Product Recommendations

Water and Sewage Treatment Plants

There are very few ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment products in our portfolio. Most of our water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants are need-based and are recommended based on specific requirements of the customers. Therefore, we conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements and site conditions, in close coordination with you, before proposing products and solutions.

A meticulous need-analysis exercise enables us to critically assess your treatment requirements, expectations, site conditions and accordingly determine the product, technology, sizing and plant location that will be most appropriate and to what extent customization may be warranted. Such an objective study is essentially a value-for-money tool to ensure optimum utilization of the chosen product or service.

Need-analysis also helps in understanding the economic viability and technical feasibility of the proposed product options and preparation of budgetary capital estimates. Korgen has in-depth experience in undertaking site evaluations for water purification and treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and solar products.

On completion of this exercise, we will recommend the most appropriate product or solution that will deliver optimum performance.

Solar Rooftop Panels and Energy Modules

Our trained engineers will visit your site to evaluate your site conditions and also have a one-to-one meeting with you to understand your exact energy needs. This will help them do a basic energy analysis of your site (home, office, factories etc).

Our team will also simultaneously carry out a shading analysis of the site to determine the percentage of time the proposed solar system will be exposed to the sun for each day of the year.

The objective of this exercise is to identify the most productive location for the installation of solar system that will provide maximum electrical output. While rooftops are by and large the best place for mounting solar panels, in case of structural issues we can also explore ground mounts or even pole mounts.

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Design and Project Execution

Design and project execution play a pivotal role in the successful performance of all custom-built water treatment and purification plants, sewage treatment plantsand solar Power Systems. The design development of these products is primarily based on customer requirements, objectives, site conditions, product parameters and challenges specific to different segments and applications.

Our in-house team has engineering professionals with decades of hands-on experience and operational expertise in designing, engineering, executing and maintaining projects, that meet stringent quality standards, for a variety of applications in the residential, commercial and industrial segments.

Starting with process schematic drawings (PSD), piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), creating BOMs, budgeting costs, drafting techno-commercial proposals, preparing detailed project execution plans, initiating procurements from empaneled suppliers, fabrication-assembling of the equipment, scheduling deliveries and erecting-commissioning the plants, we follow a series of rigorous and methodical processes, in close coordination with customers, to ensure best-in-class quality at every stage of the project execution. Our team uses both traditional and cloud-supported project management tools to review-track progress and seamlessly execute projects within the committed timeframe and budgets.

Once the project is successfully completed, we monitor the performance of the product for a limited window period - under supervision of the customer personnel - to establish the guaranteed output before handing over the same.

Engineering Supports

Execution of projects also entails allied tasks related to the civil, plumbing and electrical works which are generally outside our scope unless agreed otherwise. These allied works have to be managed in an integrated manner alongside the execution of the core project.

As part of our site assessment, we study the scope and depth of these allied works and extend critical engineering guidance in terms of GA drawings, isometrics for piping, work specifications, layout plans, civil drawings for equipment foundation, wiring diagrams, 3D modelling etc.

Against specific requests, we can also support our customers in outsourcing the execution of these works to competent third-party contractors.

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Home Our Services Delivery & Installation

Delivery and Installation of Standard Off-the-Shelf Products

Korgen has an efficient and well-oiled logistics network in place to ensure that the ordered products are delivered at your doorstep within the committed timeframe in strong and safe packages. For select off-the-shelf standard products such as water purifiers, air purifiers and P.O.U water filters, we offer ‘same-day delivery’ (subject to availability) and the details of which are mentioned on the respective product pages in our website. Deliveries are generally done by our employees or associates but we also utilize the services of verified third-party logistics providers in case of overloads.

Most of the standard products are delivered free of cost. In case delivery charges are applicable for any products, particulars of the same will be either mentioned in our website or communicated to you in advance. ie., before you place the order.

Once the ordered product is delivered, our installation team will get in touch with you to know your convenient day and time for installation of the product.

All installations with respect to standard products are carried out using proven procedures, at convenient and safe locations and in strict conformance to the methods prescribed by the respective brands. Besides, adequate user training will also be provided to put you in ease with the product quickly. Proper installation and user training will enable you to use the product correctly as recommended.

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Home Our Services After-Sales Supports

After-Sales Support Service

Proper operation and maintenance of the products are critical for maximized performance and longevity of the products in addition to maximizing return on investment (ROI) for customers. Korgen has a team of qualified, efficient and professionally trained field service engineers and technicians to promptly attend to the service requirements of our customers.

‘Continued Customer Delight’ is our cherished goal and we strongly believe that it is the key to consistent organizational growth. In line with our goal, we provide a suite of structured after-sales support services to ensure that your product constantly delivers peak performance. Be it reinstallations, on-site user trainings, periodical preventive maintenance visits, complaint resolution, technical assistance, upgrades, remote monitoring, supply of spares and consumables, we are always at your disposal. Product-wise division of work within our service department ensures specialized focus and work expertise.

Usage of cloud-enabled CRM module allows us to significantly minimize the product downtime and address the service requirements of our customers expeditiously besides managing the availability and timely supply of spares and consumables.

Our ‘Value-added Services ’ such as Dedicated Service Helpline, Round-the-clock Complaint Registration Facility, Holiday Service, Comprehensive Warranty, Special Extended Warranty, Money-Back Schemes and Flexible Maintenance Contracts are a deep reflection of our unwavering commitment to our goal of ‘Continued Customer Delight’. All our support services are tailored to give maximum value to our customer.

Types of Support Services offered

ASC covers only the servicing of the products. Under ASC, we provide three mandatory preventive maintenance visits during the contract period at a frequency of once in four months. Apart from these mandatory visits, complaints received from customers will also be attended to, free of cost. During these visits, routine checks will be carried out to assess the functioning and output performance of the product in addition to attending specific complaints. In case of deficiencies, the problem will be either addressed on-site or at our local service centre, depending upon the nature of the service required. All components and consumables are excluded from the scope of ASC and will be charged based on our prevalent rates as and when required.

ASC is payable upfront on a yearly basis and the payment is collected at the commencement of the contract.


Maintenance contracts for products of our partner brands will be directly provided by the respective brands as per their terms and conditions, unless agreed to be undertaken by Korgen. Please check the concerned product pages on this website for more details

Our ACMC takes care of preventive maintenance with three mandatory preventive maintenance visits during the contract period at a frequency of once in four months. Apart from these mandatory visits, complaints received from customers will also be attended to, free of cost. During these visits, routine checks will be carried out to assess the functioning and output performance of the product in addition to attending specific complaints. In case of deficiencies, the problem will be either addressed on-site or at our local service centre, depending upon the nature of the service required. Besides, ACMC also covers replacement of deficient components and limited supply of certain consumables. ACMC is also payable upfront on a yearly basis and the payment is collected at the commencement of the contract.


Maintenance contracts for products of our partner brands will be directly provided by the respective brands as per their terms and conditions, unless agreed to be undertaken by Korgen.

O&M Contracts are meant for centralized treatment plants and large custom-built projects. Under this contract, responsibility for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the plants / projects comes under our scope. Our trained and certified operators stationed at the site will run the plant, monitor key parameters and ensure the guaranteed output. O&M contracts eliminate the expenses and practical hassles of in-house supervision and manpower issues for the customers while also ensuring efficient operation of the plant resulting in extended equipment lifespan, minimized plant downtime and reduced operating costs. Replacement of spares and cost of consumables are excluded from the scope of this contract unless agreed otherwise.

O&M contracts are renewed annually and the charges for the same are payable on a monthly basis.

SO contracts are highly customized in terms of scope and are tailor-made to meet the requirements and budgets of our customers. The scope of this contract, generally, is confined to carrying out select operations of the product / plant at pre-agreed intervals. A few of these types of contracts are Backwash Contracts, Regeneration Contracts, Operator Training Contracts and Cleaning-Passivation Contracts.

While we would always recommend an annual service or maintenance contract with us since that delivers tangible benefits to you and your product, there are absolutely no compulsions. As our customer, you also have the option of availing of our services on ‘on-call’ basis and pay the applicable service charges when our service personnel visit the site.

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Home Our Services Revamping & Upgrading

Refurbishment and Modernization

Korgen undertakes refurbishing and modernization of existing water and sewage treatment plants executed by us and also that of third-party companies with minimal downtime, once the technical feasibility check is carried out and confirmed.

The key objectives are to reduce or eliminate obsolescence, enhance performance, extend lifecycle, improve operational efficiency or augment capacity. For water and sewage treatment plants, refurbishments are, to a large extent, indispensable given the changing influent characteristics, increased capacity requirements, amended regulatory norms and many other related factors.

Modernization can be broadly defined as induction and integration of new and emerging technologies to achieve renewed operational and output objectives. Modernization of these plants may also be warranted on account of various factors like changing environments, need to reduce operational complexity and resultant human errors, optimization of maintenance costs, customer requirements and the availability of advanced technologies that also include agile digital tools.

While long-established technology-driven control systems like Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Data Control and Monitoring Systems (DCMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Units (SCADA) are abundantly used by us, we also deploy and assimilate innovative cloud-supported tools with our products to remotely monitor the product performance, capture critical operational metrics, set right anomalies and recommend / initiate remedial measures. Cutting-edge system automation helps avoid undue reliance on field manpower and thereby minimize the possibility of human errors.

Korgen offers a gamut of modularly designed standard and custom-built automation options that address the exact requirements and budgets of our customers, at very competitive rates.

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Home Our Services Spares & Consumables

Spare Parts and Consumables

Availability and timely supply of spares and consumables play a critical role in ensuring continuous and smooth functioning of our products.

Given the time-sensitive service environment, at Korgen, we leverage high-end technology to forecast demand, procure, supply, track usage and maintain adequate levels of high quality standard spares at any given point of time, for all the products that come under our scope of service. ie., water purifiers, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, air purifiers, pressure booster pumps, solar rooftop power systems etc. Large and non-standard spares used for projects and centralized plants are either supplied ex-stock or procured and delivered on real-time basis depending on the prevailing circumstances. Lead time required for such procurements is optimized to the maximum extent possible. We also supply operational consumables for all these products at the shortest possible timeframe.

Clearly defined replenishment metrics in terms of Stock Re-Order Levels and Minimum Stock Levels help us ensure that the possibility of spare shortages are minimized or fully eliminated. Utmost care is taken to ensure that only genuine and certified spare parts and consumables are used so that the products continue to operate at optimal efficiency, consistently, over longer periods of time.

Backed by people with a wealth of experience in inventory management, our advanced spares management program results in reduced downtime of plants / products, improved efficiency, better customer service and maximized uptime for critical equipment.

Long-term partnerships with reputed OEMs / suppliers help us procure spares and consumables at very competitive prices and we promptly pass on this cost-benefit to our customers in terms of reduced prices for our spares and consumables.

List of key components, spares and consumables

Water Purifiers

  • RO | UF Membranes and Housing
  • Inline Carbon and Sediment Filters
  • Prefilters | Sediment Cartridges
  • Post-carbon Filters
  • Filter Housings
  • Pressure Booster Pumps & Components
  • Electronic Ballast and Adapters
  • Solenoid | NRV Valves
  • UV Lamps
  • Water Level Sensors | Floats
  • Flow Reducers
  • Needle Control Valves
  • Faucets and Taps
  • RO Cabinets and Storage Tanks
  • Tubes, Connectors and Fittings
  • Wrenches

Water and Sewage Treatment Plants

  • Pressure Vessels (FRP | Composite | MSRL | SS )
  • GF-ABS Multiport Valves - Manual and Automatic
  • Valves | Ejectors | Strainers | Laterals
  • Digital Flow Meters | Rota Meters
  • TDS | Conductivity Meters
  • Instrumentation components
  • RO Housings ( FRP | SS )
  • Filter Housings (SS | PP)
  • Diaphragm Valves | Check Valves | Gate Valves | Ball Valves
  • Filtration Plant Internals (Valves, ejectors, strainers, laterals )
  • Sight Glasses (PP | Acrylic)
  • Actuators and Valves
  • Level Indicators
  • Filter Media | Resins
  • Rubber lined Pipes and Fittings
  • Air Blowers | Compressors | Pumps
  • Sewage Plant Accessories (Aerators | Diffusers | Grates )
  • Pipes, Tubes and Fittings
  • Field Testing Kits

Consumables and Chemicals

  • Anti-scalant Chemicals (Balls | Powder)
  • Membranes (RO | UF | NF)
  • Membrane Cleaning Chemicals
  • Ion Exchange Resins
  • Micron Cartridge Filters
  • Iron Remover and Filter Media
  • Activated Carbon Granules
  • Coagulants and Flocculants
  • Polyelectrolytes
  • Disinfection Chemicals
  • pH Boosters and Neutralizers
  • De-alkalizing Chemicals
  • Media Cleaning Chemicals
  • Sludge Conditioners

Solar Energy Modules

  • PV (Photovoltaic) Panels
  • Battery spares
  • Combiner Box
  • Charge Controllers
  • Mounting Structures
  • PV Fuse Holders
  • Energy Meters
  • Switches and other Electrical Components

Home Our Services Value Adds

Continued Customer Delight is at the core of all we do

Every customer is entitled to good service and they are the very reason for our existence. At Korgen, this is the conviction that permeates throughout the organization and therefore customers remain central to all our activities. The value-added services we offer are a deep reflection of this customer-centric culture and our unwavering commitment to the goal of ‘Continued Customer Delight’.

Decades of experience and consummate knowledge of customers’ service requirements have helped us stay closer to them and expeditiously resolve their service issues in the best possible manner.

Our Value Added Services*

Comprehensive Warranty

Our standard products come with a 1-year comprehensive warranty that covers all the components in the products including free periodic replacement of consumables. There are no exclusions whatsoever and it is an industry-first initiative. For more details, please check the warranty terms in the concerned product pages.


Third-party products sold by Korgen are outside the ambit of this Comprehensive Warranty and instead shall be covered by the warranty terms offered by the respective brands.

Special Extended Warranty

We also offer a special extended warranty of five (5) years that cover breakages / damage for a few key components in our standard products such as FRP-Composite Pressure Vessels used in water treatment plants. Please check the products pages for more details.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are proud of our quality standards and the technical expertise of our team. As a measure of our confidence in the quality of our products, we offer a 24-days money back guarantee for all our standard products. This means that if you are not satisfied with our products, you can simply ask for ALL your money back.


Third-party products sold by Korgen do not come under the ambit of this scheme. However, these products may be covered by special schemes, if any, offered by the respective brands.

Dedicated Service Helplines

These helplines are operated by our trained customer support team from Monday to Saturday (excluding holidays) between 9 am to 8 pm to offer personalized customer services, receive feedbacks and service requests from customers.

Round-the-Clock Complaint Registration Facility

Want to register a complaint after office hours or on holidays? No worries. You can do that any day round-the-clock using the webform on our site. Our algorithms are coded to automatically process the complaints and forward them to the concerned service engineers the next working day. Our site is built on a highly responsive framework and therefore you can access it from any device. ie., desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones etc.

Holiday Service

Most of our products are essential services and thereby warrant maximum uptime. In tune with this need, our service personnel take turns to attend to service requests and complaints on holidays to ensure that our customers’ are not put to any undue inconvenience.

Flexible Maintenance Contracts

You literally have many options when it comes to choosing your after-sales service packages with us. Do you need only service or you want the spares to be covered or you need somebody to operate your product too? Based on your product, we can offer plans that cover each and every need of yours.

* For select products. Conditions apply.

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