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Hydropneumatic Pressure Booster Pumps

Hydropneumatic pressure booster systems are used to increase and maintain uniform and constant water pressure at all the tap points and other water outlets. Pressure booster pumps are designed either with single or multiple pumps and tanks with variable frequency drives. Water Pressure Booster Pumps are generally automated and work on an on-demand basis without requiring manual intervention. It monitors the water flow and activates itself when the water pressure is low.

Pressure booster systems work in conjunction with other pumps since they cannot transport water in a system by themselves. They are meant to only boost the performance of an existing pumping system. A booster pump is a form of centrifugal pump and they rely on one or more impellers to draw and move fluid.

As the pressure booster system is switched on, the feed pump starts pumping water into the hydro-pneumatic booster tank. This water gets compressed inside the tank and pressurizes the bladder which in turn maintains the desired level of pressure within the whole water distribution system. When all the water outlets are closed within the distribution system, pressure builds in the tank. As the pressure reaches the pre-set stop point, the pressure switch shuts off the pump. When one or multiple water outlets (taps, showers) are opened, the tank releases pressurized water. This reduces the pressure and the pressure switch actuates the pump. The entire plumbing infrastructure is kept under a pre-set pressure by this Pressure Booster Pump and the system is versatile enough to work with or without overhead tanks.

Pressure boosters help pumping systems achieve a steady flow of water and overcome high pump head. Pressure Booster Pump in Chennai is available in a range of capacities to suit specific requirements.

Where are Pressure Boosters used?

  • Homes
  • Residential Apartments
  • Multistorey Buildings
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Fountains
  • Lawn Sprinklers
  • Irrigation Fields
  • Factories

Main Components in Pressure Booster Pumps

A hydropneumatic pressure booster pump will consist of the following important components.

Tank: The tank/s used in a pressure booster system is made of either metal or fiberglass in varying sizes. Inside the tank there is a non-toxic butyl rubber diaphragm that divides the tank into two chambers. One chamber contains compressed nitrogen and the other chamber with a polypropylene liner is filled with water from the pump. Some tanks will have non-toxic butyl rubber bladders surrounded by compressed nitrogen. These bladders are generally replaceable in case of bursts and the tanks can be used for years. Tanks can be installed vertically and horizontally based on the size of the tank and manufacturers’ recommendations.

Pump: The pump supplies water to the pressure tank and in turn to the water distribution system. This pump is controlled through an automatic pressure-controlled switching device.

Pressure Switch: Pressure switches used in the booster pumps continuously monitor the pressure in the system and will automatically switch on the pump if the pressure drops to pre-set start point and switch off the pump when the pressure touches the pre-set stop point.

When do we ideally need a Pressure Booster Pump?
When water pressure is low in taps, showers and other outlets
To increase water pressure from overhead tanks, break tanks and sumps
When there is no overhead tank
When all floors of a building do not get water with equal force
When there is a specific requirement of high-pressure water

Advantages of Variable Frequency Drives

The basic advantages of a VFD-driven Pressure Booster over a non-VFD system are:

i. Delivers the exactly needed amount of water thus ensuring only proportionate energy is consumed.
ii. Calculates the motor speed and maintains the requisite pressure
iii. Set points can be altered according to the water flow
iv. Energy loss due to resistance in pipes is reduced.
v. Low running cost, higher comfort level and system flexibility

VFD-based Multiple Pump Operation and Control

Constant pressure is maintained by the VFD in a multi-pump system in the same manner of a single pump system. In a single pump booster system, the pump would shut down at run out while in a multi-pump system, the pressure drop causes the second pump to come online.

As one of the leading Pressure Booster Pump dealers in Chennai-Tamil Nadu, Korgen sells a wide range of domestic pressure booster pumps in Chennai and large pressure booster systems for commercial and industrial uses at very competitive prices.

Korgen presently sells Grundfos range of Pressure Booster Pumps in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Grundfos Pressure Booster Pumps

Founded in 1945 in Denmark, Grundfos, a multinational corporation, is an engineering giant in pumping solutions and an iconic pump manufacturer with a global repute. Grundfos is renowned for setting new standards in terms of innovation, efficiency, reliability and sustainability. Grundfos has the widest range of pumping products that are used by millions and millions of people every day, across the world.

Grundfos offers completely tailored pressure boosting systems for domestic and commercial water supply that ensure optimal water pressure for a variety of applications. For the end-users, fluctuations in water pressure on account of rise or fall in demand or from pump starts and stops and dry running are no longer a concern. Grundfos has pressure booster pump models that also make it possible to personalize the water pressure by adjusting the variable pressure settings.

Grundfos Pressure Booster Pumps are energy-efficient, very simple and easy to operate. Once the system is connected to the plumbing network, it is only a matter of plugging in the power cord and the system is operational.

Configuration Options

Grundfos Pressure Booster Pump in Chennai is available in various configurations and specifications with each offering different advantages with respect to comfort level, investment costs, running costs and flexibility. Some examples of Grundfos configurations are:

i. Direct Boosting Systems
ii. Zone Divided Systems
iii. Roof Top Tank Systems
iv. Series Connected Systems with intermediate break tanks
v. Series Connected Systems without intermediate break tanks

Pump Hygiene

Grundfos is a leader in hygienically designed pressure booster systems. Their stainless-steel manifolds protect against corrosion and all connections, corners and surfaces are smooth rounded without cracks. This prevents dead corners and maximizes the conditions for pump system hygiene control.

Remote Controls and Communication

Grundfos has pump models that can be connected to a computer via bus systems. This lets you monitor, control your pressure booster pump and optimize system settings remotely from wherever you are. These pressure boosters are compatible with all major communication systems.

Features and Benefits of Grundfos Pressure Booster Pump Models

  • Compact space saving designs and fully automatic operations
  • Multistage Centrifugal Pumps - Vertical and Horizontal
  • Intelligent Pump Control for steady water pressure
  • Highly efficient and reliable motors
  • Corrosion and wear-resistant Material of Construction
  • Temperature Tolerance from 20oC up to 120oC
  • Easy installation, dry-running protection and maintenance-free
  • User-friendly control panel for ease of use
  • Tanks approved for potable water usage
  • Extremely low noise levels
  • Adjustable pressure settings and automatic resetting of alarms
  • Anti-cycling (leakage detection)
  • Maximized continuous operating time
  • Interchangeable modules designed to work together seamlessly
  • Built-in Thermal Protection
  • Tested to stringent quality standards
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations

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