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Chemical Dosing Pumps

KORGEN supplies a wide range of high-quality chemical dosing pumps, metering pumps and skid-mounted automatic chemical dosing systems, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and select cities across South India, sourced from reputed national and global manufacturers.

These pumps, designed to exacting industry benchmarks and quality-tested under stringent conditions, are used to dose measured quantity of various chemicals in water treatment, water purification, sewage and effluent treatment processes. These pumps are equipped with liquid handling materials that guarantee a very wide chemical compatibility.

Based on specific requirements, KORGEN also supplies support accessories like pressure relief valves, NRVs, suction strainers, back pressure valves, pulsation dampners, pressure gauges, dissolving baskets and high/low speed motorised agitators.

Our technical team analyses the treatment schemes and specific customer requirements before deciding on the type, size and number of dosing pumps required for the treatment process. Starting from the analysis of your raw water or process water in case of commercial and industrial applications, KORGEN will guide you at every stage, in choosing the right dosing systems.

Post-installation, we also offer various types of after-sales service packages at very competitive rates to make sure that the Dosing Pumps deliver optimal performance.

Types of Dosing Pumps
i. Metering Pumps
ii. Plunger-type Dosing Pumps
iii. Digital Diaphragm Dosing Pumps
iv. Electromagnetic Diaphragm Pumps
v. Skid-mounted Chemical Dosing Systems

Key Features And Benefits

  • Cutting-edge Technologies
  • + 0.1% dosing accuracy or better
  • Durability of material due to high chemical tolerance
  • High Viscosity Dosing
  • Precise and easy set-up
  • Inbuilt Level Controller to avoid dry run
  • Full Pulse Control
  • Internal Timer Batch Control
  • Light and Compact Build
  • Flexible Installation Options
Know more about Chemical Dosing Pumps

Technology Overview

Chemical Dosing Pumps and Systems in India - Overview

Chemical Dosing generally applies to feeding chemicals in small quantities into water or any other process fluid at specified intervals to give sufficient time for the chemical to react with the fluid for achieving the desired results.

These pumps are designed to dose precise and pre-fixed quantity of the desired chemicals. Since the pump heads are made of polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber, PTFE diaphragm, these pumps can work with almost all chemicals.

The chemical dosing pumps are of self-lubricating type capable of pumping chemicals of any viscosity at constant pressure and very high level of consistency irrespective of the suction pressure variations. The driving component in this pump is a flexible diaphragm. The advantage of this design is the elimination of all gland packings and seals which are exposed to the liquid being pumped. This feature is highly useful when hazardous, toxic and corrosive liquids are handled.

The stroke length of the pumps is adjustable from 10% to 100% with the fixed stroke rate of 100 strokes per minute. Every unit comes with a complete set of inlet strainer/foot valve and injection check valve.

Chemical dosing systems can be upgraded to completely automated units with a link to PLCs.

Pictorial Illustration

Features and Technical Information

Features and Technical Information

The flow rate of these dosing pumps start from 1 LPH to 100 LPH at variable operating pressures.

Clear LED indication lamps help us track the status of the pump. The seals in PTFE / Viton / Pyrex ensures effective sealing of the pump and avoids dangerous spillage. The diaphragm is made of speciality teflon for longer life and consistent performance.

The pumps are highly user and service friendly since they have very few moving parts. Very compact, light-weight and tank-mountable, these pumps are easy to maintain and economical. The power consumption is very low and these pumps come with corrosion-resistant totally enclosed GFPP housing and in-built level trip function.

Adjustable injection frequency (100 to 150 rpm) , unique double ball check and NRVs helps in accurate and continuous dosing of the chemicas. The other features of the pump are :

Power Supply: 220 VAC – 10%, + 10% Flow Rate: 1 - 100 LPH
Nominal Power: 50 watts Fuse blown indicator
Peak Power Consumption: 200 watts High Temperature Protection

General Applications

General Applications

  • Used in raw water treatment plants and swimming pools for disinfection and oxidation purposes
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants
  • Pre-treatment to Filtration Plants - For coagulation and flocculation of physical impurities
  • Pre-treatment Iron Remover
  • RO Membrane cleaning processes
  • Waste water Treatment (Sewage and Effluent)
  • Water Treatment and Recirculation for Cooling Towers and Boilers
  • Industrial Process Water Treatment




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