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Micron Catridge Filters

KORGEN is a reputed supplier of various types of high-performance micron cartridge filters, activated carbon cartridges and filter housings, sourced from reputed brands, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and select cities across South India.

Micron cartridge filters are used to remove micronic (measure equal to 0.000039 inches) suspended solids, colloidal particles and other physical contaminants present in the water. Micron Cartridge filters come with housings and filter elements. Micron filters are available in various ratings starting from 0.1 microns up to 100 microns.

Micron cartridges consist of extremely fine microfibres spun into a multi-layered inert filter medium with optimized porosity supported by a perforated polypropylene core and an outer protective sleeve. The graded pore structure of the media enables excellent particle retention and high dirt holding capacity. Appropriate usage of MoC (Material of Construction) ensures extremely good chemical compatibility and very low media migration. These cartridges are manufactured to provide a large surface area in a small volume resulting in high throughputs with lower pressure drops and longer filtration life.

The size of the particles filtered by micron filters depend on the rating of the cartridge. Recommended operating temperature for polypropylene filter cartridges is up to 800 F. Micron Filters operate at ultralow pressure conditions.

Types of Micron Cartridge Filters

We supply the following types of FDA-compliant cartridge filters made of polypropylene, cellulose, fibre and ceramic, in different sizes, with both nominal and absolute ratings.

Melt Blown Filter Cartridges Ceramic Filter Cartridges
String Wound Filter Cartridges Sintered Filter Cartridge
Pleated Filter Cartridges Spun Depth Filter Cartridges
Media Filter Cartridges Resin Bonded Filter Cartridges

String wound filter cartridges are also referred to as depth filters since particulates are trapped within the full volume of depth of the cartridge.

Apart from sediment cartridges, we also supply granular activated carbon cartridges, silver-impregnated carbon cartridges, extruded carbon blocks, filter housings in stainless steel (SS 304/316), FRP, polycarbonate, polypropylene and filter accessories such as wrenches, pressure gauges, filter bags, strainers, isolation valves and pressure relief valves.

Absolute Rating vs Nominal Rating

The micron ratings of cartridge filters can be either ‘nominal’ or ‘absolute’. While a nominal-rated micron cartridge filter will remove 95% of the particles of the said micron size, an absolute-rated filter will remove up to 99% of the particles.

General Applications

  • Pre-filtration units to Reverse Osmosis Plants
  • Pre-filtration and final filtration units in Packaged Drinking Water Plants
  • Pre and post filtration units in Ultraviolet-based Drinking Water plants
  • Pre and final filtration units in Beverages Plants
  • Pharmaceutical product filtration
  • Industrial process water filtration




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