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Water Treatment Plant in Chennai | Tamilnadu

Water treatment is defined as a process that improves the quality of raw water and make is usable for a specific purpose. The end use of treated water can be general utility, drinking, industrial usage, gardening, irrigation and recreational purposes.

Water treatment plants remove or reduce the concentration of physical, chemical and biological contaminants from water so that the treated water becomes suitable for the intended purpose. World Health Organization (WHO) has laid down guidelines and standards for permissible levels of contaminants in water. IS 10500:2012 standards are specific for India.

At Korgen, our water treatment plants are designed based on the raw water characteristics and the application of the treated water.

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Due to high dependence and the deteriorating quality of ground water, water treatment in Chennai has become an essential part of homes, offices, commercial buildings and factories. Thousands of homes, offices, commercial institutions and industries use water treatment plants in Chennai.

Korgen Tech, one of the reputed water treatment companies in Chennai offers many types of cutting-edge water treatment equipment of all sizes including small water treatment plants, portable water treatment plants, home water treatment systems, water purification plants, dialysis water treatment systems, salt water treatment plants, ultrafiltration water treatment plants, hard water treatment systems, sea water treatment plants, DM water treatment plants, industrial water treatment systems and industrial water treatment plants in Chennai. At Korgen, water treatment plant price in Chennai starts from Rs.12,300/- onwards.

Outside Chennai, Korgen undertakes design, supply and service of water treatment plant in Tamilnadu if the project value is higher than Rs.2,00,000/-. We have already executed many water treatment plants in Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, Salem and a few other key cities in Tamilnadu.

Our water treatment equipment range includes the following products

Starting from water analysis to the selection of the right water softener, Korgen closely guides customers, at every stage, to take the right buying decisions.

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Major types of Water Treatment Plants and Equipment in Chennai

Water treatment plants and equipment are majorly of two types. Point-of-Entry (POE) Water Treatment Plant and Point-of-Use Water Treatment Plant. Korgen is one of the few water treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai to supply both the types in fully automatic mode and semi-automatic mode as well. The choice of product is based on various key parameters such as water quality, end use, site conditions and customer requirements.

Bore Water Treatment Systems

Since the ground water levels in Chennai have significantly gone down, deep borewells have become the order of the day thereby warranting extensive bore water treatment systems in Chennai. The type of bore water treatment systems or well water treatment systems is purely based on the water quality and the treatment scheme can vary from source to source. Bore water, depending on the sub-soil characteristics, may have pH imbalance, iron content, excessive hardness, total dissolved solids, heavy metals and other types of organic and biological impurities. Industrial activities also adversely impact the quality of borewell water in Chennai. Bore water treatment systems can effectively remove these contaminants and make the water suitable for general purposes and drinking.

Due to increasing number of multi-storey buildings combined with the dependence on borewell water, demand for water treatment plant for apartments in Chennai has also rapidly increased.

Korgen, one of the best water treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai, supplies a wide range of bore water treatment systems in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Metro Water Purifier Chennai | Metro Water Treatment Plant Chennai

Today the metro water in Chennai generally comes with significant amount of suspended solids, turbidity and other types of physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants. This could be due to various factors such as source contamination, insufficient filtration processes and transit contaminations on account of leaky distribution pipes. Therefore, Metro water purifiers and metro water treatment plants have become essential in Chennai

Metro water purifiers and filtration plants are designed to remove excessive suspended solids, turbidity, residual chlorine and microbial impurities present in metro water.

Korgen, one of the best water treatment companies in Chennai, supplies a wide range of metro water purifiers and municipal water treatment plant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Industrial Water Treatment Plant and Industrial Filtration Plant in Chennai

Industrial water treatment equipment helps in optimizing various industrial processes that use water such as cooling towers, boilers, distilleries, chemical industries and factories etc. Poor water quality can lead to problems such as corrosion, scaling, bacterial build-up that can lead to interruptions in productivity, product defects and cost escalations. Industrial water treatment systems and plants can be very helpful in preventing such issues by improving the quality of the water.

Custom-built industrial water filtration plants and systems are used in many industries in and around Chennai. As one of the reliable water treatment equipment manufacturers, Korgen designs and supplies a wide range of industrial water treatment plants and systems in Chennai, Tamilnadu. We are also one of the established industrial water treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Water Treatment Plant Chemicals

Korgen also supplies water treatment plant Chemicals in Chennai. These chemicals are used in various water treatment processes to improve the quality of water and enable proper purification of water.

We supply water treatment chemicals in Chennai such as pH boosters, pH reducers, antiscalant chemicals, RO membrane cleaning chemicals, coagulants, disinfection chemicals, cooling tower chemicals, boiler water chemicals, polyelectrolytes etc.

These water treatment chemicals are manufactured by reputed global and national brands.

Why Korgen Tech?

As an ISO 9001:2012 certified environmental organization founded by professionals with profound domain expertise, we are one of the established water treatment companies in Chennai with proven credentials. While our most valuable strength is our ability to design and execute custom-built water treatment plants for the myriad requirements of our customers across segments, a few our distinctive strengths are as follows.

  • Our team has a combined experience of 50+ years in Environmental Engineering
  • Our Water Treatment Plants are designed based on proven formula and time-tested norms
  • Custom-built treatment processes based on water characteristics and site conditions
  • Wide range of products that are competitively priced (100 LPH to 1000 m3 LPD)
  • Different MOCs to suit specific requirements - FRP | PG | Composite | MSEP |MSRL | SS
  • Manual, Semi-automatic and Fully automatic units offered
  • Branded components and consumables ensure long life and optimized performance
  • User-friendly maintenance processes and easy-to-use operations
  • Trained and experienced service personnel for efficient after-sales service
  • 1-year all-inclusive warranty and 5-year special vessel warranty




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