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Increasing water stress combined with the continuous disposal of industrial and domestic wastewater into the aquatic ecosystems has led to the requirement of greater water reclamation and reuse. Rising industrial activities and presence of modern water contamination have also further contributed to the demand for proper water treatment methods to make raw water suitable for the intended purposes. ie., Consumption, domestic uses, commercial usage, irrigation and industrial purposes.

This, in turn, has led to higher demand for water treatment equipment and water treatment professionals and the entire water treatment industry has started growing by leaps and bounds. Given the growing importance of water conservation, water treatment, waste water treatment and recycling, the demand for water treatment jobs has also been witnessing a correlative increase.

Many metro cities in India are already water-stressed thereby warranting better water management methods and Chennai is no exception. Apart from the multitude of industries in and around Chennai, most of the commercial establishments, educational institutions and residential apartments have either installed water treatment plants or are planning for the same in the near future.

Therefore, the demand for water treatment jobs in Chennai has been witnessing a meteoric rise in the recent days. Being a growing industry, water treatment jobs in Chennai has become an attractive career option for professionals and just-out-of-college youngsters. Not only grads, but also youngsters who have completed their diplomas or other technical education are opting for water treatment jobs in Chennai on account of the brighter career prospects it offers.

Korgen, one of the established environmental companies in Chennai, offers a variety of career options in water treatment for experienced industry veterans as well as freshers. Korgen offers a good number of water treatment jobs in Chennai as well as water treatment jobs in Tamilnadu.

If you are ready to be part of a world-class, fast-growing company in Water Treatment Industry, come to us. At Korgen, we offer a variety of career options you can choose from. From time to time, based on market demand, we recruit sales executives, service engineers, project engineers, service technicians, chemical engineers, operators and various support team personnel for our HO and other branch offices.

Our key strength and the foundation of our expertise lie with our core management team that has about 50+ years of experience in water treatment industry. Our senior employees with requisite skillsets and deep domain expertise will guide and train you in your respective fields. You will get a chance to build and deepen your knowledge on a wide range of water and waste water treatment technologies. Dedicated and sincere employees can expect a bright and fast-tracked career growth in Korgen. Developing the skills of our employees as well as providing them with a safer workplace are part of our vital organizational priorities.

By joining Korgen, you not only will build a prosperous and secure future for yourself, but will also be contributing immensely to the conservation of our environment.

Openings for Sales Executive Jobs in Chennai

Sales is a key function in any organization. Revenues for any organization are brought in, invariably by the sales team. Vacancies for sales executive jobs in Chennai is always in high demand.

At Korgen, vacancies for sales executive jobs in chennai often come up and we release ads in various print media and online portals to fill up these vacancies.

Openings for Service Engineers and Service Technicians

Water and wastewater treatment plants are highly service-oriented. In fact, the growth of any organization in this industry depends on how good their after-sales service infrastructure is. Not only after-sales service, but service personnel also takes care of supply of spares, consumables and chemicals for the customers.

Korgen understands the importance of prompt service to our customers and therefore makes sure that the service team is well-trained and adequately staffed all the time.




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