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Sewage Treatment Plant in Chennai | Tamilnadu

Letting out untreated sewage into the environment is, today, one of the major reasons for ground water contamination. With the population in India rapidly increasing, volume of sewage generated is also alarmingly rising. This sewage, when left untreated, not only contaminates ground water sources but also surface waters such as rivers, lakes, dams and wells.

Besides causing avoidable pandemics, water contaminated with sewage can adversely impact the health of humans, animals and aquatic living beings.

Through proper sewage treatment, we can not only avoid such contaminations and their disastrous consequences but also, we can significantly reduce the usage of fresh water by recycling and reusing the treated sewage for secondary and tertiary uses.

Given the present water scarcity and the pressing need for reducing fresh water usage, today sewage treatment in Chennai is used in many apartments, offices, commercial establishments, educational institutions and industries. Going by the market data, usage of sewage treatment plants reduces fresh water consumption up to 50% since the treated sewage is recycled and used for gardening, toilet flushing , HVAC Systems, construction and industrial uses. UN Water, a United Nations arm exclusively dedicated to global water issues pushes the governments of all countries to maximize sewage treatment and recycling in an attempt to conserve fresh water resources.

Learn more about Sewage Treatment Processes and the performance efficiency of Korgen Sewage Treatment Plants

Size and specifications of a sewage treatment plant and the technology adopted are primarily based on the quantum and characteristics of sewage, space availability, site conditions and the end-use of the treated effluent.

A properly designed Sewage Treatment Plant can effectively reduce the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), nitrogenous matter, faecal and other contaminants to permissible limits as laid down by CPCB India. Given the reducing ground water levels and the looming water crisis, Sewage Treatment Plant in Chennai has become indispensable.

Korgen Tech, one of the established Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Chennai, Tamilnadu, designs, supplies, erects and services various types of sewage treatment plant in Chennai such as sewage treatment plant for apartments, grey water treatment plants, modular sewage treatment plants, packaged sewage treatment plants, STPs based on activated sludge process, fluidized bio bed reactors, moving bio bed reactors (MBBR), sequenced batch reactors (SBR) and Membrane Bio Reactors Plants in Chennai.

As one of the leading sewage treatment plant suppliers in Chennai, our founding team has hands on experience in executing hundreds of sewage treatment plants across South India.

At Korgen, we recommend the right sewage treatment processes and technology to be used after evaluating the site conditions and the configuration of the sewage treatment plant is designed keeping specific customer requirements in mind.

The long-term performance efficiency of sewage treatment plants depends on design accuracy, quality of key components such as air blowers, aeration systems, pumps and compliance with the prescribed operational and maintenance processes.

Starting from the analysis of raw sewage to the selection of the right sewage treatment technology, Korgen closely guides customers, at every stage, to take the right buying decisions.

Our sewage treatment plant price in Chennai starts from Rs.5,10,000/- and goes above Rs.1,00,00,000/- depending on the size of the plant.

As one of the trusted sewage treatment equipment suppliers in Chennai, we also revamp and upgrade existing and defunct sewage treatment plants.

How Sewage Treatment works?

Sewage treatment process typically involves several stages of treatment to ensure complete removal of physical, chemical and biological contaminants found in raw sewage. The exact number and types of stages depend on the technology adopted.

However, basic stages involved in sewage treatment process are as follows.

In sewage treatment, the large and heavy particles such as trash, twigs, cans, seeds, gravel, mud, sand, plastics, condoms, sanitary pads etc are removed at the bar screen chamber. These large particles are removed to make sure the subsequent processes are not adversely affected due to these particles. Once the influent becomes homogeneous in the primary collection (equalization) tank, this water is biologically treated in the aeration chamber. Bacterial digestion of organic contaminants happens at this stage and thereafter this water is filtered and disinfected at the last stage. Learn more details about sewage treatment processes.

Why Korgen Tech?

  • Our team has a combined experience of 50+ years in Environmental Engineering
  • Plants are designed using cutting-edge technologies and proven formula
  • Effectively reduces contaminants and treated effluent comply with Government Standards
  • Custom-built plant layout with optimized footprint based on site conditions.
  • High-quality equipment maximizes performance and reduces the lifecycle costs.
  • Branded components ensure durability and consistent performance
  • Modern IT-driven solutions for end-to-end plant automation
  • User-friendly maintenance processes and easy-to-use operations
  • Trained and experienced service personnel for efficient after-sales service
  • 1-year standard warranty and 5-year special warranty for filtration vessels
  • Competitive pricing and affordable O&M / AMC rates

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