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Best RO Water Purifiers in Chennai

Pure water plays a vital role in our health and wellbeing. Given the fact that today’s water is increasingly contaminated by new-age pollutants, it has become all the more important for us to make sure that the water we drink is sufficiently purified. Impurities such as dissolved inorganics (TDS), heavy metals like lead, copper, iron, mercury, arsenic, insecticides, pesticides, volatile organic compounds and pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria, virus, protozoa, cysts, fungi and parasites can really wreak havoc on our health.

Various studies have confirmed that about 85% of all human diseases occur due to water-borne contaminants. While microbial contamination cause infections, consumption of chemically contaminated water can result in long-term debilitating illnesses such as kidney stone, digestive disorders, cardiovascular diseases, fluorosis, intestinal catarrh and in worst cases, even cancer.

Major factors that contribute to the deteriorating quality of water are depleting ground water table, rapid urbanization, poor sewerage infrastructure, usage of harmful chemicals in households and percolation of partially treated industrial wastewater into the ground.

With traditional methods of purifying water having become obsolete already, using a modern water purifier is considered essential in today’s world. Whether it is a home, office, commercial place or factory, water purifier has become indispensable. Significant progress in science and technology has resulted in the development of highly efficient water purifiers for all types of water. ie., Surface Water (dams, rivers etc) and ground water (open wells, deep borewells etc).

Various global certifying bodies and national statutory institutions have laid down guidelines and standards for drinking water. For instance, WHO, a UN body responsible for international public health has stipulated clear standards for drinking water. Likewise, our Indian Government has also issued standards such as IS 10500:2012 and keeps updating the same.

In Chennai, various water sources used by people are corporation-supplied metro water, borewells sunk by individual households and lorry water supplied by private tankers. All these sources have different types of contaminations to be removed. Portable and wall-mounted water purifier in Chennai plays a key role in meeting the pure water requirements of Chennaiites.

If the total dissolved solids in the water is high, then a RO water purifier is chosen to effectively reduce the dissolved solids and bring them below the permissible limits. Ground water from deep borewells generally contain excessive TDS and since a majority of the Chennai residents depend on ground water sources for their drinking and other consumption requirements, RO water purifiers in Chennai have become a part and parcel of Chennaiites. Ground water salinity in Chennai is found to be anywhere between 800 ppm and 15000 ppm depending on the depth of the borewell, location and other related factors.

Residential RO water purifiers in Chennai can purify water with TDS up to 2500 ppm. If the TDS exceeds this mark, then one needs to opt for custom-built RO plants.

A good number of reputed brands sell RO water purifier in Chennai. The RO water purifier price in Chennai depends on the brand and model you choose. The best RO water purifier in Chennai comes with a minimum of six stages where RO and UV technologies are combined to produce the safest possible water.

If the total dissolved solids (TDS) is less than the permissible limits and the water is free from heavy metals and other chemical contaminants, then you can safely opt for a UV-based water purifier to remove the physical and biological impurities in the water. Surface water sources such as rivers, dams and water supplied by government authorities generally contain TDS less than the permissible limits.

What needs to be noted here is that if the total dissolved solids in the water is less than the permissible limits, then using a RO water purifier could be harmful to health since RO purifier can reduce the TDS levels to less than the minimum limits thereby depriving you of getting essential minerals from your drinking water. On the other hand, if the TDS is more and if you choose a UV water purifier that eliminates only physical and biological impurities, then the excessive minerals in the water can lead to long term health challenges. Therefore, it is of vital importance that you go for a detailed lab analysis of your water and take expert help before taking your decisions.

About Korgen

Korgen Tech Systems, one of the leading water purifier dealers in Chennai, sells a wide range of advanced and best water purifiers in Chennai. The water purifier price in Chennai depends on the quality of raw water to be purified and the brand you choose. Korgen is an authorized dealer for various water purifier brands in Chennai and we help you choose the best water purifier that suits your requirements.

Our water specialist team will first check the quality of your water either using in-house kits or through a detailed lab analysis and then recommend the right type of water purifier. Since we sell only the water purifiers of reputed brands, after-sales service is not an issue as these brands have efficient service network in place to meet your service requirements promptly.

While RO water purifier price in Chennai starts at Rs.12,000/-, UV-based water purifier price in Chennai starts at around Rs.8500/-.

Apart from selling branded RO water purifiers for home in Chennai, Korgen also designs, erects and services a wide range of custom-built water treatment plants for residential, commercial and industrial segments.

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How Residential RO water Purifier works?

RO water purifier for home otherwise known as salt water purifier from home is a multi-stage drinking water system that removes physical, chemical and biological impurities from the water in a sequential process. The best RO water purifiers for home deploy a minimum of six sequential stages namely sediment cartridge, carbon cartridge, fine micron cartridge, RO membrane, post-carbon block and UV Chamber. After passing through these six stages, the purified water gets collected in an inbuilt storage tank.

The reject water (concentrate) is sent out through the reject pipe. RO water purifier comes with a high-pressure pump that generates sufficient pressure to pump the water through the Reverse Osmosis Membrane. RO membrane combined with the UV chamber act like a double purification module that ensure that the purified water is free from dangerous impurities and is safe and tasty as well. Besides, RO water purifiers come with a host of advanced features for automated operations, convenience and user safety. Premium products also have additional stages such as TDS balancing, pH booster-remineralization, Ultrafiltration membranes etc.

Korgen is one of the leading RO water purifier dealers in Chennai for reputed manufacturers of RO water purifiers and other drinking water filtration systems. RO Water Purifier installation in Chennai is done free of cost and the device comes with a comprehensive 1-year Warranty. After the warranty period, you can either opt for AMC or On-call Service for your RO Purifier.

We sell water purifiers of the following brands in Chennai. Contact us to buy the best RO purifier for home in Chennai.

Aquaguard Water Purifier in Chennai

At Korgen, we partner with authorized Aquaguard water purifier dealers in Chennai to supply and install Aquaguard water purifier in Chennai.

Eureka Forbes, the pioneers in residential water purification in India manufactures a wide gamut of Aquaguard RO Water Purifiers and Aquaguard UV Water purifiers for different water sources. These water purifiers have received a number of Indian and International awards for its patented technologies and outstanding product quality.

Aquaguard water purifier price in Chennai depends on the model that is suitable for your water quality. Aquaguard RO water purifiers are quite advanced in terms of features and performance and Aquaguard RO water purifier price in Chennai again depends on your water quality and the features you choose to have. Aquaguard water purifiers adhere to stringent quality standards and come with a 1-year comprehensive warranty. Aquaguard price in Chennai is quite competitive for the high-end quality it offers.

With over 20 million happy customers spread across 1500 cities and towns in India and 53 countries, Eureka Forbes is India’s leading health and hygiene company in India. One of the largest direct selling companies in the world, Eureka Forbes has an efficient and well-trained service network to attend to the after-sales service requirements of customers.

Book a Free Home Demo to connect with the best Eureka Forbes water purifier dealers or Aquaguard dealer in Chennai.

Kent Water Purifier in Chennai

At Korgen, we partner with authorized Kent water purifier dealers in Chennai to supply and install Kent RO water purifiers in Chennai. We have tied up with multiple Kent dealers in Chennai to get you the best price for your chosen Kent RO model.

Kent RO sells a wide range of futuristic and multi-staged Kent water purifiers in Chennai for different water sources such as deep borewell, Government-supplied metro water, lorry water supplied by private tankers etc. Kent RO water purifier price in Chennai starts at Rs.15,000/-. Non-RO Kent water purifier price in Chennai starts at Rs.9,000/-

Kent RO purifiers use the patented Mineral ROTM technology and can be installed in many ways. ie., Wall-mounted, Table-top and Under-the-counter. Advanced range of Kent water purifiers innovatively combine cutting-edge technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, UV and UF in their water purifiers to deliver 100% pure and safe water. Kent RO purifiers are the recipient of top quality certifications and several national and global awards. This makes Kent RO one of the most reliable water purifier brands in India.

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