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The main purpose of an RO Plant is to reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS) present in the water and make the water suitable for drinking and other requisite commercial and industrial applications. The TDS content in the water can be attributed majorly to the subsoil characteristics from where the water is drawn. WHO, a specialized body of UN responsible for international public health, says that the maximum permissible limit of TDS in drinking water is 300 ppm. As per the IS 10500:2012 standards from Indian Government, the acceptable limit is 500 ppm. For industrial applications, the required level of TDS is determined by the process for which water is required.

Invariably, the ground water in Chennai, especially from deep bore wells has excessive total dissolved solids far above the above specified limits. Salinity of ground water in Chennai is found to be anywhere between 800 ppm and 15000 ppm depending on the depth of the bore well, location and other related factors. Water with TDS between 2500 and 9000 ppm is considered as brackish water and when the TDS exceeds 10000 ppm it is termed as saline water.

A correctly designed RO plant can effectively reduce the total dissolved solids in water to the desired levels and this makes RO plants essential for many uses. Given the increasing dependence on ground water, RO plants in Chennai are becoming an absolute necessity. A good number of homes, villas, apartments, commercial organizations and industrial establishments already use RO plant in Chennai.

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Korgen Tech Systems, one of the leading RO plant manufacturers in Chennai, designs and supplies various types of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic RO plant for home, Small RO Plant, Industrial RO plant, RO System, Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant, RO Water Purification Plant, RO Water Plant, Commercial RO plant, Domestic RO Plant, RO plant for apartment, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Sea Water Treatment Plant and Sea Water Purification Plant in Chennai and across Tamilnadu. Demand for RO plant in Tamilnadu has increased due to many factors including ground water salinity, industrial growth and water recycling practices.

We recommend the right type of RO plant and RO System in Chennai along with appropriate pre-treatment and post-treatment modules only after carrying out a detailed analysis of the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the raw water. Besides, our technical team also will also evaluate the site conditions and specific requirements to arrive at the specifications and configuration of the RO plant.

The efficiency and long-term performance consistency of an RO system depend on the accuracy of the design, pre-treatment and post-treatment processes, feed water temperature and quality of key components such as high pressure pumps, membranes, housings and also compliance with the prescribed operational and maintenance procedures.

Starting from water analysis to the selection of the right RO Plant Configuration, Korgen closely guides customers, at every stage, to take the right buying decisions.

Our RO plant price in Chennai (100 LPH) starts from Rs.87,000/-. The price range varies depending on the segments and applications. Most popular and fast-moving models in our RO plant range are 250 LPH RO plant and 500 LPH RO plant. At korgen, our 250 LPH RO plant price in Chennai starts from Rs.1,23,000/- and 500 LPH RO plant price in Chennai starts from Rs.1,50,000/-

What is Osmosis?

Osmosis is a vital force and a natural mechanism in biological systems. For instance, the walls of living cells are natural membranes with selective permeability where only some material can pass through. Another example is that if two solutions with different salt concentrations are separated by a semi-permeable membrane, then the solution with the lower concentration of salt will tend to flow towards the solution with higher concentration of salt or dissolved solids in an attempt to equalize the solute concentrations on both sides.

This is called as osmotic phenomenon. The osmotic pressure is a property of the solution proportional to the amount of dissolved salts or minerals present in it.

What is Reverse Osmosis Process?

A reversal of the Osmosis phenomenon by applying adequate external pressure on the more concentrated solution is termed as Reverse Osmosis Process.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Process is a reliable and proven water purification technology that is globally acclaimed as the most advanced level of liquid filtration system used for a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. In the Reverse Osmosis process, water is passed under pressure through a RO Plant with single or multiple arrays of semi-permeable membranes. These RO membranes have a pore diameter of about 0.0001 microns that is smaller than the size of bacteria and virus to ensure that even fine microbial contaminants do not escape through the membranes. RO membranes are made up of thin multi-layered polyamide sheets.

A properly designed RO plant or Reverse Osmosis Plant comes with appropriate pre-treatment and post-treatment modules. After pre-treatment, the water is pumped into the RO unit where the membranes remove total dissolved solids present in the water up to 95% based on their valence. The permeate (purified water) gets collected separately while the rejected solids get into the concentrate stream and is discharged to the drain or other disposal systems.

Type and number of RO membranes are chosen based on the TDS content and the required permeate/concentrate ratio.

Domestic RO Plants

Today, demand for domestic RO plants is increasing by the day on account of ground water salinity. RO plants in Chennai are used for apartment, individual houses, villas and other residential dwellings. Unlike in the past, people choose highly advanced PLC-based RO plant even for their home use since this helps them avoid the operational load. As one of the long-time domestic RO plant manufacturers Chennai, Korgen has designed and erected many RO plant for home and RO plant for apartment in Chennai.

Our RO water plant for home price in Chennai is anywhere between Rs.87,000/- to Rs.10,00,000/-.

Industrial RO Plant

We are also one of the established Industrial RO Plant manufacturers in Chennai catering to industries across Tamilnadu. As an industrial RO plant manufacturer, we supply a whole range of custom-built Industrial RO Plants for a variety of applications that are process-specific.

Our Industrial RO Plants are high-end products with advanced automations and remote monitoring devices. Eg., PLC, SCADA, RMS. The Industrial RO Plant price can vary between Rs.1,50,000/- and Rs.1,00,00,000/-

A good number of RO plant dealers in Chennai take design and erection support from us for their customers. We also supply custom-built Industrial RO plants for some of these RO plant dealers in Chennai since they do not have the required in-house facility to design and manufacture RO plants.

RO plants, depending on their applications and segments used, are know by many names such as RO plant for home, RO plant for apartment, Industrial RO plant, Commercial RO plant, domestic RO plant, Small RO plant, RO water plant for home, Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant, RO system, RO Water Purification Plant, RO Water Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Sea Water Treatment Plant and Sea Water Purification Plant in Chennai.

All these terms are used to denote a RO plant that reduces the salinity of the water for a wide range of applications and segments.

As one of the leading RO plant manufacturers in Chennai, Korgen can guide you to take the right decisions when it comes to your water desalination requirements.

Sea Water Purification Plant

Sea water purification plants use the same Reverse Osmosis Technology to desalinate the water and make it suitable for drinking purpose. When the total dissolved solids (TDS) in water exceeds 10000 ppm (mg/l), then the water is considered as sea water although the TDS in actual sea water hovers between 30000 ppm to 50000 ppm.

In many locations in Chennai, especially coastal areas, the total dissolved solids in ground water (deep borewells) have gone above the 10000-ppm mark and sea water purification plant is the only solution for such water quality. This level of deterioration in water quality is mainly due to over extraction of ground water and the subsequent occurrence of sea water intrusion.

In Sea Water Purification Chennai, we use special high-pressure plunger pumps and fortified sea water membranes, from global brands, in multiple arrays to reduce the TDS to below the permissible limits. The number of membranes, arrays, pumps and other specifications depend on the TDS level and quantity of water required per day. The average operating pressure of Sea Water Purification Plants (RO) starts at 20 Kg/Cm2 and goes up to 80 Kg/Cm2.

Korgen has the technical capability and required experience to design, supply, erect and service sea water purification plant in Chennai and across Tamilnadu.

RO Membranes

Looking for RO membrane dealers in Chennai? Korgen offers branded RO membranes such as Suez RO membrane in Chennai at best price. We also offer bulk supply of Hydranautics RO membranes and Filmtec membranes.

RO Plant Chemicals

Korgen also supplies RO water plant Chemicals in Chennai. These chemicals are used in various RO plant processes to improve the quality of water and enable the smooth operation of the RO plant.

We supply RO Plant chemicals in Chennai such as pH boosters, pH reducers, antiscalant chemicals, RO membrane cleaning chemicals etc. These RO water plant chemicals are manufactured by reputed global and national brands.

RO Plant Service

Korgen has an experienced team of service personnel to handle the RO plant service in Chennai for our customers. In addition, we also offer refurbishing, modernization and RO plant service in Chennai for plants supplied by other companies. Some of the key objectives of modernization is to eliminate obsolescence, improve operational efficiency and extend the life of the plant.

Why Korgen Tech?

  • Our team has a combined experience of 50+ years in Environmental Engineering
  • Software-driven designs based on proven formula and time-tested norms
  • High-quality pumps and membranes that maximize performance and reduce costs
  • Custom-built RO plants based on water quality and site conditions
  • Modular designs and optimized RO plant footprint
  • Wide range of competitively priced products-models (100 LPH to 500 m3 LPD)
  • Manual, Semi-automatic and Fully automatic units offered
  • Advanced automation and data capture devices. Eg., PLC, DCS, SCADA, RMS
  • Branded components ensure durability and consistent performance
  • User-friendly maintenance processes and easy-to-use operations
  • Trained and experienced service personnel for efficient after-sales service
  • 1-year standard warranty and 5-year special vessel warranty

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