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Mineral Water Plant in Chennai | Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Chennai

Due to depleting water sources, deteriorating water quality and changing lifestyles, drinking water has long become one of the major issues in India. The concept of packaged drinking water and bottled mineral water in India started in the early 1980s.

Various research studies indicate that the market for packaged drinking water in India is estimated to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20% from 2018 to 2023. Growth of packaged drinking water in Chennai is expected to toe this national trend.

Key drivers for this growth are increasing health awareness, new-age contaminants found in water, unavailability of clean drinking water, growing per capita income, frequent travelling, lifestyle changes etc.

In Chennai, packaged drinking water is sold in different types of SKUs. Eg., Bottles, Cans and Pouches. While travelling, people prefer to drink bottled water, they use 20-litre water cans for home use, festivals, functions and get-togethers. Offices, Commercial Establishments, Small Hotels and Restaurants either use the 20-litre Water Cans or opt for installing water purifiers.

Overall, the demand for mineral water (or) packaged drinking water is growing by leaps and bounds in Chennai.

Though the terms Mineral Water Plant and Packaged Drinking Water Plant are interchangeably used in common parlance, there is technical difference. The term packaged drinking water is used for water that is drawn from borewells and processed using a Reverse Osmosis Plant to reduce the total dissolved solids to permissible limits.

Whereas, mineral water is a term used for spring water or mountain water with the right amount of total dissolved solids and treated only for the removal of physical and biological impurities. A majority of the plants belong to ‘Packaged Drinking Water’ category.

Korgen Tech Systems has the technical capability to supply all types of Mineral Water Plants in Chennai and Packaged Drinking Water Plants in Chennai. As one of the established Mineral Water Plant Manufacturers in Chennai-Tamilnadu, you can bank on us for quality products and efficient after-sales service for the mineral water plants supplied by us.

Korgen offers the following services when supplying our Mineral water plant in Chennai.

  • Flexible and expandable RO plant with pre-treatment and post-treatment modules
  • Deployment of new technologies for optimizing plant performance
  • Entire ‘Setup Architecture and Layout’ for the Packaged Drinking Water Plant
  • Strategic guidance on energy conservation measures and disposal of waste water
  • Detailed estimate on the Mineral Water Plant Costs
  • Erection, Commissioning and processing stabilization of the plant
  • Computation of operational and recurring costs for the plant
  • Supportive guidance in legal documentation and statutory approvals
  • Complete training for the plant operators, engineers and other staff
  • Prompt after-sales service for the smooth running of the mineral water plant

At Korgen, our designs are driven by proven formula and established industry practices to make sure the mineral water plants or packaged drinking water plants supplied by us comply with stringent quality standards and deliver the desired performance consistently. Besides, we also offer advanced automation options wherein you can choose the extent of automation (PLC, SCADA, RMS etc) you require in your mineral water plant. Since we use high-quality and branded components in all our mineral water plants, our plants are long lasting and known for their optimized performance.

This has made us the preferred choice of many existing and aspiring entrepreneurs who are either upgrading their mineral water plant or planning to set up a new packaged drinking water plant in Chennai.

We supply mineral water plants of sizes ranging from 1000 LPH to 20000 LPH as per the scale or volume of your packaged drinking water business. The preferred MOC (Material of Construction) for our mineral water plants is Stainless Steel of different grades (SS 304 / SS 316). Few minor components may come with other MOCs (MS / GI / CI / Plastics)

All our packaged drinking water plants are designed based on the raw water characteristics and comply with the stipulated BIS guidelines for the collection, processing, packaging and sales of Packaged Drinking Water.

Major Components of our Mineral Water Plant

Packaged drinking water or mineral water should be free from toxic substances, radioactive residues, pesticide residues, excessive dissolved solids, heavy metals in addition to other physical, chemical and biological contaminants. Treatment process involved in production of packaged drinking water primarily depends on the characteristics of the source water. However, the following are the general components used in our Mineral Water Plant.

  • Branded Raw Water Pumps
  • Coagulation | Clarification stage - Tanks
  • Pressure Sand Filter with unique multi-grade quartz media
  • Activated Carbon Filter with activated carbon granules of high IV
  • Ultrafiltration Membrane Module for reduction of SDI
  • Washable and reusable bag filters and replaceable micron cartridges
  • UV (Ultra violet)-based Disinfection Systems
  • ORP (Oxidation-reduction Potential) Meters
  • Anti-scalant Dosing Pumps
  • Vertical Multistage Centrifugal High-Pressure Pumps
  • RO Module with Membranes, Housings and Instrumentation Panel mounted on a single skid
  • Control Panel Instruments - Conductivity Meter | Flow Meters | Pressure Gauges | High Pressure and Low Pressure Switches
  • Gasket-free bolts and nuts to prevent microbial growth
  • Dosing Pumps for pH Boosting / Balancing
  • Remineralization Units (if warranted)
  • Corona Discharge Ozonators with Air Filters, Circulation Pumps, Tanks and Moisture Separators
  • Mirror-polished and sealed Stainless Steel (304/316) Storage Tanks without internal joints
  • Rinsing, Filling and Capping Machines with conveyors (For bottles and jars)
  • Piping, Fittings and Valves (Battery Limit)
  • Water Testing Laboratory based on BIS Guidelines

As one of the leading mineral water plant manufacturers in Chennai-Tamilnadu, we undertake turnkey project execution responsibility and you can trust us for the best products and efficient after-sales service. We also support in setting up a lab and procurement of analytical instruments for periodical testing of raw water and purified water.

Regulatory approvals for Mineral Water Plant in Chennai

Packaged Drinking Water Plants in Chennai need to first obtain an ISI Certificate from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) by complying with the mandatory specifications and hygiene requirements stipulated by this Government body for setting up a mineral water plant.

ISI Standards Code for Packaged Drinking Water - IS 14543
ISI Standards Code for Packaged Natural Mineral Water - IS 13428

Thereafter, the packaged drinking water plant must be registered with FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), an autonomous body established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Government of India that is responsible for the food safety and regulation in India. To obtain an FSSAI Licence, the plant must strictly adhere to the rules-standards set by this Government Body.

The MOCs of the Mineral Water Plant, Chemicals and other material used must be of food-grade / pharma-grade quality in order to obtain FSSAI Licence for Packaged Drinking Water.

There are basically three types of FSSAI Licence namely

FSSAI Basic Licence – For retailers / traders with an annual turnover of less than Rs.12,00,000/-

FSSAI State Licence – If the annual turnover exceeds Rs.12,00,000/- and is less than Rs.20 Crores.

FSSAI Central Licence – For manufacturers operating units in more than one state or have an annual turnover of more than Rs.20 Crores.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Chennai cannot be set up or operated without a BIS Certificate and FSSAI Licence. In addition, the business must be a registered entity.

Other registrations and documents required for the issue of FSSAI Licence for Mineral Water Plant in Chennai are

  • SSI Registration for the Business Entity
  • NOC (No objection Certificate) from PCB
  • Details analysis reports of raw water and purified water
  • Pest Control Certificate
  • Degree and Medical Certificate of the Chemist
  • Degree and Medical Certificate of the Microbiologist
  • Medical Certificate of the other workers employed
  • Registration of the Trademark
  • Documents pertaining to Land Ownership or Lease of Land
  • Sanction of Electrical Load from EB
  • Sanctioned Layout Plan for the Plant

The mineral water plant cost in Chennai start at around Rs.10 lakhs and can go up to Rs.1 Crore depending on the size of the plant, stages of treatment processes involved and the level of automation. For high volume packaged drinking water plant in Chennai, it may even exceed the Rs.1 crore mark.

As one of the trusted Mineral Water Plant Manufacturers in Chennai and packaged drinking water plant manufacturers in Chennai-Tamilnadu, we can supply you advanced custom-built mineral water plants as per your requirements. Our packaged drinking water plants shall comply with all the standards as stipulated by BIS and FSSAI.




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