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Iron Removal Plants Chennai | Iron Removal Filters in Chennai

As per WHO (World Health Organization) and IS 10500:2012 standards, the permissible limit of iron content in water should be less than 0.3 mg/l or ppm. If the iron content in water is more than this limit, then the water is considered to be contaminated with iron.

Factors that lead to excessive iron content in water include sub-soil characteristics, mining activities, partially treated or untreated industrial wastewater etc. Iron can be present in water both in dissolved form (Ferrous) and suspended form (Ferric Hydroxide).

Iron content in ground water in many parts of Chennai is far higher than the permissible limits and even goes up to as high as 20 mg/l (ppm). For instance, ground water in areas such as Anna Nagar West, Mogappair, Nolambur, Ambattur, Avadi, Vadapalani, Virugambakkam, Saligramam, Valasaravakkam, Porur up to Kundrathur, Mylapore, RA Puram, Thiruvanmiyur and Thiruvottiyur have iron content anywhere between 3 to 20 ppm.

Given this type of varying iron content, a properly designed Iron Removal Plant has become an absolute necessity in Chennai. Thousands of homes, villas, apartments, offices, educational institutions, commercial organizations and industrial establishments use iron removal plants in Chennai.

Iron removal involves a two-stage process of oxidation and filtration. First, the dissolved iron (ferrous) content is converted into suspended iron (ferric hydroxide) and thereafter the suspended iron is effectively filtered.

The size of the aeration tank, iron removal plant specifications, media composition and other associated pre and post treatment processes are completely formula-driven and are based on the specific characteristics of raw water. Eg., pH, iron content, type of iron content

Korgen Tech Systems, one of the reputed iron removal plant manufacturers in Chennai, designs and supplies various types of advanced water Iron Removal Plants in Chennai for residential, commercial and industrial segments that effectively bring down the iron content in water to less than 0.3 ppm.

Starting from water testing to the selection of the right Iron Removal Plant, Korgen closely guides customers, at every stage, to take the right buying decisions.

Learn more about Iron Removal Processes and the performance efficiency of Korgen Iron Removal Plants

Dangers of Iron Content in Water

Iron is one of the vital nutrients for good health. It is also a major component of haemoglobin present in our blood. It has been found that iron deficiency in human body can lead to an increase in the absorption of lead and toxicity in the body. But at the same time, excessive iron content can potentially lead to chronic health issues and the forms of iron generally found in water are not advisable for human consumption. Regular intake of iron-contaminated water can lead to impairment of digestive processes, loss of appetite, nausea, chronic gastrointestinal diseases in addition to damaging blood vessels, liver, heart, kidneys and tissues in the long term.

Besides, water with excessive iron content is not palatable due to its metal taste and offensive odour. Iron content also carries with it the bacteria that feed off the iron to survive. These microorganisms can be very harmful to human health.

If used for general utility purposes such as bathing, it can clog skin pores leading to skin itching, premature skin wrinkles and scalp damage. When used for washing and cleaning, iron can permanently discolour / stain clothes and kitchen utensils. Iron contaminated water can also drastically reduce the life and efficiency of appliances like washing machines, dish washers, water heaters, steam iron boxes, bath tubs, showers, sinks, faucets, pipes and plumbing accessories.

How to know that your water has iron contamination?

If iron is present in the water, the water will generally have a rusty smell and metallic taste. In addition, the water will also be dark or light brown or red in colour. The intensity of the colour depends on the form and content of iron present in the water.

Domestic Iron Removal Plant Chennai

The demand for domestic iron removal plant in Chennai is increasing by the day since many households and apartments depend on ground water for their general and external usages. Iron Removal Plant for home are easy to use and can reduce iron content in the water below the permissible limits thereby make the water clean and safe for bathing, washing, cleaning and other household activities.

Korgen, as one of the best iron removal filter manufacturers in Chennai, offers both fully automatic and semi-automatic iron removal water treatment plants, iron water purifiers, iron treatment plant, iron removal systems, iron removal filter for home in Chennai for individual houses, apartments, villas and other types of residential structures.

Iron removal water plants and water purifiers for iron water are required when the iron content in the water goes above the IS 10500 standard of 0.3 ppm.

Iron Removal Plants Price and Commercial Details

Our iron removal plant price starts from Rs.12,300/- in Chennai. This includes only the plant price and any additional treatment such as pH correction, coagulant dosing, disinfection treatment will be separately priced. We only use branded components in our Iron Removal Systems and our iron removal filter prices are very competitive in the market.

In addition, all our iron removers come with a 1-year comprehensive (all-inclusive) warranty and a special 5-year warranty for the PG/FRP vessels. After the warranty period, we offer annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for Iron Removal Plants at very reasonable prices.

Price of our industrial iron removal plants and filters start from Rs.75,000/-.

Why Korgen Tech?

  • Our team has a combined experience of 50+ years in Environmental Engineering
  • Our Iron Removal Systems are designed based on proven formula and time-tested norms
  • Unique multi-layered Oxyrich Media removes iron up to 20 ppm in addition to suspended solids, turbidity and colour
  • Custom-built iron removal process based on water characteristics and site conditions
  • Wide range of products-models that are competitively priced (750 LPH to 1000 m3 LPD)
  • Different MOCs to suit specific requirements - FRP | PG | Composite | MSEP |MSRL | SS
  • Manual, Semi-automatic and Fully automatic units offered
  • Branded components ensure long life and consistent performance
  • User-friendly maintenance processes and easy-to-use operations
  • Trained and experienced service personnel for efficient after-sales service
  • 1-year all-inclusive warranty and 5-year special vessel warranty

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